Le Pink Palace : Toulouse stripclub


If you are celebrating a special occasion or simply out for the night with a group of friends, come discover, without further delay, our trendy private club in Toulouse ! You will be able to enjoy our shows and our customizable sensual performances, in a trendy and muted ambience.



Our private club in Toulouse


In our club, Le Pink Palace, treat yourself with a very special moment. Thanks to our artistic shows and our sensual performances executed by professional dancers, you will spend a relaxation experience with the utmost secrecy.


So by pushing our establishment’s door, you could enjoy  :


  • Performances discreetly
  • Sensual entertainment
  • Artistic performances
  • Private dance

We guarantee quality performances, always in a discreet and sensual atmosphere.

Prestations en toute discrétion
Strip tease

Enjoy our sensual performances


You want to organize an unforgettable night for a bachelor party ?


In a modern and trendy decor, with a combine of pink and grey, come and discover our specialities in terms of artistic shows.


Our beautiful dancers can ensure various performances to satisfy you:


  • Pole Dance
  • Table Dance
  • Lap Dance
  • Strip tease


In addition to our usual evening, you can also participate to our theme parties

viva espana, beach, schoolgirl… 

Our dancers, with sensual dances, will provide you relaxation and  pleasure moments.

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  Entrance with a drink




  Table Dance 


  1 song 30€


  Lap Dance


  1 song 35€


In private

 La Tentation


 1 song 60€


 Le Désir


 3 song 100 €




4 songs and 2 drinks 150€




 (Bachelor Party / Birthday celebration ) 250 €




 20 min + Champagne bottle 200 €


 La gourmandise


 30 min + Champagne bottle  300 €


 Le pêché


 45 min + Champagne bottle  350 €


 La luxure


 60 min + Champagne bottle  500 €




 2 dancers 60min + superior Champagne bottle  800 €


 Red devil 


 2 dancers 90 min + superior Champagne bottl  1000 €




 2 dancers 120 min + superior Champagne bottl Dom Perignon 1500 €



Drinks that are proposed with dances are G.H Mumm cordon rouge or Freixenet Xperiencia.


For other Champagne, a extra cost will be added.


* information(s) obligatoire(s)

Our Private shows